Covid Vaccination Service – Clinical Staff Training Requirements

General Governance 
Staff AgreementProvided onsite
Disclosure & Barring Service (Advanced) –  (3 years) 
Photo ID (Passport/ Driving Licence)Provide onsite
Right to work in the UK (NI Number/ UK Passport)Provide onsite
Independent Prescriber? (CV & 2 References)Please provide to team
Occupational Health 
Hepatitis B (Both Doses) + Antibody titration Results 
Mumps Measles Rubella (MMR) 
Tuberculosis (BCG) 
Varicella (Chicken Pox) – Vaccine/Infection Date 
Diphtheria | Tetanus | Poliomyelitis (DTP) 
Covid Vaccination (First Dose / Second Dose) – desirable 
Mandatory Training 
Basic Life Support Certificate
Anaphylaxis Training
Conflict Resolution – Level 1 – IPs only
Data Security Awareness Certificate
Equality, Diversity and Human Rights Certificate
Fire Safety Certificate
Infection Prevention and Control – Level 2
Health, Safety  and Welfare – Level 1
Moving and Handling – Level 2
Preventing Radicalisation – PREVENT Awareness Level 3
Safeguarding Adults – Level 2
Safeguarding Children – Level 2
Covid Sign Off 
Core Covid Vaccination Training
Astrazeneca Vaccination Training
Pfizer Vaccination Training
Astrazeneca National ProtocolSign off onsite
Pfizer National ProtocolSign off onsite
Vaccination competency sign off (PHE log and local sign off)Sign off onsite
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